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An effective booking will only take place upon signing of the rental agreement, which will be individually drawn up on the basis of your inquiry. The inquiry about the web form does not constitute a binding commitment to the booking neither by the landlord or owner of the website.

The rental agreement for the rental of the vacation home Villa "Waterway Dream" will be constituted between Franziska & Stefan Iffland, 1140 SW 39th St, Cape Coral, FL 33914 (landlord) and the requester (tenant).

The details of the booking are arranged individually in the rental agreement, including

  • Period of booking
  • Number of people, in children the age of this at the end of the booking
  • Reference to the object description and general conditions for the use
  • Rental price, deposit & deposit as well as payment method
  • Impact of a premature termination of the rental agreement
  • Rights and obligations as well as limitation of liability
  • References to documents included in the contract

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Latest update

Autel EV Charger

EV's welcome

We're monitoring the development with respect to electrical vehicles closely and see an ever increasing customer base and thus need for charging capabilities. Having travelled longer distances with an EV ourselves, we know that having a charger available is giving great peace of mind and improves the overall charging infrastructure.

So we installed an Autel Charger that guests can use easily with the Autel app. Costs for charging are directly charged through the app to your credit card. With a charging speed of up to 10 kWh, the charger can charge even the largest battery to a 100% while you're sound asleep in the comfortable beds, so you're ready for your next adventure the next morning.

The charger is located in the garage and thus protected from the elements.

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