Picture windows in pool screen enclosure

A completely new outdoor experience.

The hurricane didn't only leave visible damages. Many had to seriously think about how to recover from the storm. Because this weather event impacted such a huge area to such a significant extent, not only things took longer but also got even more expensive due to the high demand. And that at a time where costs for building and repairing homes already skyrocketed as an effect from the pandemic.

Well, it wouldn't be us, if we hadn't always ideas to further improve the home to make it truly ours and continuously improve and enhance our guests' stay. 😁

So we reprioritized our backlog of ideas and focused on the pool deck though. Since the space was very limited for loungers around the pool, we thought of extending the lanai across the whole front years ago already. So was this the time to realize that idea? Well, at least there couldn't be a better time to do it. The pool enclosure had to be replaced completely anyway. So why not making it a little bigger? Let's do it!

So we had the lanai extended in a first step including a walkway from the patio down to the dock, so nobody had to walk through the gras anymore. (Note: There was a door in the pool enclosure directly down to the dock that we had removed because of safety concerns due to the steepness of the stairs.) Next we had the pooldeck cleaned and painted with a fresh yellow tone that perfectly matched with the exterior paint. In February the new pool cage was installed - finally. The new pool enclosure was bronze and features picture windows that are way bigger than before without the distraction of posts and structures. Also the bushes got removed to install the walkway which now allows for great, undistracted views to the canal.

The newly added, enclosed area in front of the guest room now invites for sunbathing. And also the grill found a new place on the extension, so there's less smoke and fumes making it into the home.

Your Home of Joy and Comfort
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