Landscaping and lighting

Landscaping and Lighting updates

Unfortunately, Ian uprooted one of the coconut palm trees in the front yard and one of the smaller palm trees next to the driveway. Also we had a brown section in the lawn of the front yard. So we went out to find a landscaping company that could help us fix those issues and improve the appearance of the home.

We cut the palm tree to dispose it but weren't able to get it replaced for a reasonable price. So there's only one coconut palm tree left. 😩 We had the bushes at the entrance replaced and found a landscaper who replaced the smaller palm tree, put in new lawn patches and planted the Avocado from the planting pot in the front into the backyard.

In addition to all that, the landscaper installed new LED light posts along the driveway all the way up to the entrance, so guests won't have to walk to the entrance in the dark.

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