Biggest damage caused in the back

That was unexpected. 2 hurricanes within 6 years.

In 2017, only 6 months after we closed on our home, hurricane Irma approached the home. We knew there was always a chance for a hurricane during hurricane season. Yet, we were completely unprepared, far away watching weather updates like every 30 minutes, and of course hoping for the best.

Were we better prepared this time? Somewhat. We had plywood cut to fit the openings, a hurricane preparedness kit, lot of information sources at hand, and some experience. But still; the closer hurricane Ian came, the more we were concerned. Not knowing what's going on, is just the hardest part. Particularly as power and internet go down at some point. But it's not only your own property you're concerned about. It's also neighbors, friends, and other people you worry about.

Destroyed pool enclosure
Luckily all openings were shuttered
Mango tree down
Mango tree destroyed pool enclosure
Debris in pool
Cleanup - it's all gonna be beautiful again

So right after Ian passed, Steve and a dear Co-Worker drove from Alabama to Florida to inspect and document the damages, so we could file the claim with the insurance and start recovery so we'd prevent further damage - like the pool pump sucking in debris or metal eroding in the pool water.

The hurricane uprooted the beautiful and more than 20 year old Mango tree that fell into the pool enclosure and parts into the canal. The pool enclosure was also severely damaged by the wind itself on the other side. So the first action was to cut the branches of the tree in smaller pieces and put them on the curbside for collection as well as getting the enclosure’s metal structure out of the pool.

Due to the damage, we paused renting out our home and worked diligently on the recovery over the next months. In January 2023 we resumed rentals. First without pool enclosure. But in February the new enclosure was already installed. Only 5 months after Ian destroyed it.

Your Home of Joy and Comfort
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